Why Video Doorbells Are So Popular

On April 23rd, news came that the popular manufacturer Arlo was going to release their first video doorbell product soon. Arlo has been known for high-quality security cameras and audio doorbells before, so this is definitely a step in the right direction. Or, at least, some would argue that it is.

Before we get to some of the basics about a good video doorbell it is also vital to mention the benefits of using the best video baby monitor if you have a newborn. Video door bells might alert you to who’s at the front door, but what about keeping an eye on someone taking care of your little baby.

Others outright reject the idea of video doorbells, with valid reasons. But that still doesn’t stop a vast number of consumers from buying and installing video doorbells. So why are they that popular? What makes video doorbells stand out? Let’s dig into it and find out.

Advantages of Video Doorbells

When we install video doorbells, we get a better view of the person at our doorstep than we would through a peephole. After all, it would be easy for them to just cover it. And that’s not all. Bad weather or smudges can blur the image on the peephole, making it useless.

With video doorbells, we see the whole area at the doorstep with the person’s face front and center. That way we can know if they are our neighbor or some lunatic with an ice pick or a frozen fish.

Another major advantage of video doorbells is the fact that, if there is someone suspicious trying to enter our home, we can record them and have evidence of it. In case they try to do something illegal, we can show the footage to the police and have the culprits brought to justice.

Finally, there’s the very idea of a video doorbell. A lot of people think that having one is futuristic and fun and we agree with that. It feels like living in a futuristic home where even our doorbell protects us from harm. Plus, if the doorbell has a unique design as some popular brands do, it’s an added aesthetic bonus.

Ethical Issues of Video Doorbells

As stated, video doorbells are great for strangers. However, recording someone without their explicit permission is illegal. That, of course, doesn’t apply to criminals who want to harm us, but it does apply to other people. For example, our regular pizza delivery guy is hardly suspicious.

However, our video doorbell will record him all the same. The best way to go around this is to tell them outright that you have a video doorbell. It’s by no means a perfect solution and it is a bit tedious, but it’s better than being slammed with a lawsuit for a doorbell.

In short, people like using video doorbells. Despite the ethical issues, they are an excellent way to make sure our home is safe.