Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog

When deciding whether or not to get a dog, it’s crucial to weigh our options carefully. After all, this decision isn’t just about getting a lifelong friend. The dog will depend on us for the rest of its life, so we ought to know in advance if we are ready to commit and do everything in our power to take care of it.

So what are the most common pros and cons of owning a dog? We’ve asked around, and here’s what dog owners had to say.


A dog is truly a man’s best friend

Most dog owners agree that their lives are a lot better now that they have a dog. That’s partially due to the fact that there is another living and breathing creature in their house, so they’re not as lonely as before.

However, they know they’ve made the right decision because of the pup’s influence on them and the friendship they now share. When dogs get attached to their owners, they remain loyal forever, especially if the owners are going the extra mile to make their lives as comfortable as possible. Thus, they are the ultimate BFFs!

They’re great with kids

We’ve all seen those videos of puppies jumping around kids and playing with them all day long. That’s one of the main reasons why people get dogs – they’re social creatures and love playing with children. Thus, they can have a positive effect on the child’s behavior and help it socialize from an early age.

They never fail to entertain us

Dogs are in general jumpy, happy and ready to have some fun at any given moment. Hence, it’s never boring with them, not even when they’re falling asleep on the couch. One little word from us can inspire them to grab that ball and run around. What’s more, they never fail to entertain us, purely because they’re always ready to roll, play dead and chase their tails just to make us laugh!


Dogs are like children – we cannot (or shouldn’t) back down

Once we get a dog, that’s it – we are committed to keeping this little creature safe and sound. It’s the same with children, so we cannot take that decision lightly. If we are not able to look after them, play with them or train them, then we should reconsider. Dogs are not clothes – we cannot take them back to the store because they suddenly don’t fit.

Some breeds are needier than others

Finally, we ought to mention that some dog breeds might be too clingy for our taste. Thus, getting a dog could mean that we won’t be able to do the same things we did before.

In any case, having a dog means we have to come home eventually, take it out and feed it. We’re not alone anymore, so we have to shift the focus from us to them. If we cannot do that, being a dog owner simply isn’t the right choice for us.