Advantages of Double Pane Windows

Houses need windows and windows need glass. The question is, which windows should someone buy for their house? Which ones will give the homeowner the best benefits possible? We firmly believe that double pane windows are the way to go. Therefore, this text will focus on all of their potential advantages.

What Are Double Pane Windows?

A major difference between single pane and double pane windows is the glass. Namely, single plane windows have just one layer of glass. Because of that, they are cheaper than double pane ones and easier to maintain. However, there’s a reason a lot of people, us included, prefer to install double pane windows, despite their price.

List of Advantages

1 – They Reduce Noise

Let’s say that we live in an urban area, like a major city. One of the first problems we run into there is lots of noise. Therefore, we need to eliminate as much noise as possible.

A single pane window will provide some soundproofing, but not much. However, with a double-layer glass window, our home will be quiet and pleasant to live in. But these windows also work well in rural or suburban areas. Regardless of the location, they provide us with the perfect atmosphere that’s noise-free.

2 – No More Storm Windows

For those readers who don’t know, storm windows are a special type of window that protects our house from the elements. It’s in the name, really-‘storm’ and ‘window.’

But there is a problem with storm windows. Namely, they have to be installed and removed every season. This won’t be necessary with double pane windows. They already provide enough protection from the harsh climate outside.

3 – Saving Energy

Double pane windows do one thing perfectly, and that’s keeping our house both warm and cool when we need it to be. The second pane of glass provides an extra barrier to the air outside. In other words, both hot and cold weather stays outside while our house retains proper room temperature.

Some windows even come with argon gas filled between the panes. These double pane windows are even better, as they insulate the window better. To put it simply, buying double pane windows will save us a lot of money we’d otherwise spend on heating and cooling bills.